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Welcome to Our Farm for Flowers!

At Garner Farm LLC, we pride ourselves on being a leading flower farm in the industry, operating from our main location in Danville, AL. We pride ourselves on producing fresh, local, and seasonal flowers that are more vibrant, fragrant, and long-lasting than imported ones.

We Offer You

Custom Bouquets

Custom Bouquets
Our beautiful flower farm creates custom bouquets designed to bring warmth and joy into any space. Our talented team carefully selects the freshest blooms straight from our fields, ensuring each bouquet is filled with vibrant colors and delicate fragrances.

Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin Patches
Come visit our expansive pumpkin patches during harvest season and explore the wide variety of pumpkins we grow. Whether you're looking for the perfect pumpkin for carving or cooking, you'll find it here. Enjoy a fun day out at our farm picking your preferred pumpkins to take home.

Pick-Your-Own-Operation Farm

Pick-Your-Own-Operation Farm
Immerse yourself in the authentic experience of visiting a U-pick farm! Discover an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and flowers as you wander through our well-maintained fields. Take delight in hand-picking your fresh produce while enjoying breathtaking views throughout our property.

Event Flowers

Event Flowers
Create a lasting impression with event flowers specifically arranged and designed by us. Be it a wedding, anniversary celebration, or corporate function, you can choose from exquisite arrangements using freshly picked blooms that perfectly match your event's theme and ambiance.

Commercial-Grade Flowers & Bouquets

Commercial-Grade Flowers & Bouquets
We also offer commercial-grade flowers and bouquets meticulously crafted to suit businesses' unique needs. Enhance your venue's visual appeal with our stunning floral arrangements that proudly showcase the products of our flower farm.

Experience the Benefits

Our agricultural farm’s abundance appeals to those seeking an unforgettable colorful experience. Connect with nature on our u-pick farm, where you can explore and take home organic produce harvested right from its source.

Enhance your special occasions using our high-quality flowers, customized bouquets, and event arrangements. Our talented team ensures each product brings life and color to your elegant affairs.

Our Work Process

We employ meticulously planned work processes geared toward ensuring seamless experiences for all of our visitors while consistently delivering premium products and services. Experience firsthand the care and attention that goes into cultivating remarkable blooms and produce at our well-maintained facilities.

From planting seeds and nurturing the growth of our flowers and produce to curating distinctive, fresh-look arrangements, we prioritize quality at every step. Our skilled team employs environmentally responsible farming practices that are not only sustainable but also create fruitful yields season after season. Moreover, we place great importance on maintaining a customer-centric approach by ensuring optimal comfort, safety, and convenience when visiting our farm. Discover an agricultural experience like no other by immersing yourself in the world of Garner Farm LLC.

Reputable in Many Surrounding Areas

We have established a solid reputation not only among Danville, AL locals but also among guests coming from other regions who visit us for an unforgettable u-pick farm experience. We also serve clients in:

  • Trinity Town, AL
  • Hartselle, AL
  • Priceville Town, AL
  • Moulton, AL
  • Falkville Town, AL

In operation for over five decades, we are a flower picking farm providing exceptional services across these areas. Visit us today and uncover the magic of Garner Farm LLC!

Client Testimonials

by Jessica Thompson on Garner Farm LLC
Thank You So Much for Providing This Unique Adventure

Our family had an amazing day trip last summer at this flower picking farm! From colorful bouquets to fresh fruits and vegetables that we handpicked ourselves, it was such a lovely way for us all to connect with nature while having loads of fun. Thank you so much for providing this unique adventure - we definitely plan on returning soon!

Garner Farm LLC
Address: 1376 Neel School Rd, Danville, AL 35619
Phone: (256) 466-5612

  • Custom Bouquets
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Pick-Your-Own-Operation Farm Experience
  • Flowers & Plants for Residential Use
  • Flowers & Plants for Commercial Use

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